Step 4: After the Event

Step 4: After the Event

Step D: After the Event

The curtain has closed on your event – fantastic job! You're on the final stretch!.

“You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.”
🏁 Tie Up the Loose Ends
Requirement: Hold onto all receipts and invoices. Proof of expenses is crucial for Superteam to reimburse your event costs efficiently.

🤝 Continued Engagement

Keep the momentum going by staying in touch with the people you've met. Create follow-up discussions in a dedicated Telegram group or your local Superteam Discord server.

❤️ Share the Love

🗣️ Let the world know how awesome your event was! Post your event highlights and reviews on Twitter.


🎥 And if you've captured the event in video, even better!


Thank you for hosting a Superteam event!

We hope that you had fun and minted memorable experiences and connections.

If you have ideas for enhancing this guide, please reach out to Chris! This is a living document that we'll update continually.


Last review: 7th February, 2024

Next review: 7th May, 2024